Zoomin Groomin

Business Established:
Franchising Since:
Franchised Units:
Company Owned Units:
Start-up Cost:
$50000 to $90000
Total Investment:
$59000 to $250000
Veteran Hired Since 2011:
Veteran Owned Units:
Offering Financial Assistance
Mobile Franchise: $60,000-$90,000. Area Developer: $95,000-$205,000. Regional Developer: $135,000-$250,000.
Special Incentives
Home Based Franchise
New Member
VetFran Partcipant
Pet Services
VetFran Incentive
We offer a 20% discount off of the franchise fee with an initial 4 month royalty holiday.
Zoomin Groomin

Zoomin Groomin® Franchise Opportunity:  

Are You a Top Dog?

Are you passionate about pets? Would you like to turn that passion into a business with a quick ROI, strong cash flow and long-term capital appreciation?  

If you are driven, focused, and ambitious with a positive attitude, then you’re   barking up the right tree!

Instead of fetching sticks for someone else, become a Top Dog Franchisee Partner.
A Zoomin Groomin® franchise can enable you to build a high-volume, niche-dominant multi-million dollar business and achieve the financial independence that you have always wanted.

Own a High-Demand Pet Industry Franchise

Americans spend nearly $50 billion a year on their pets. Even in a recession, the demand for our grooming services is at its highest level ever and growing. According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA):

  • There are over 68 million dogs in America.
  • Four in ten (or 40 million) U.S. households own at least one dog.
  • Sixty-three percent (63%) have at least one dog and thirty-seven percent (37%) have more than one dog.
  • Many of the 77 million baby boomers reaching retirement in the near future will own pets.

Zoomin Groomin® offers the following options:

Our Top Dog Master/Regional Franchisee Partners invest $175-$300,000 in a hyper-growth business that provides multiple revenue streams drawn from 120-300 franchised territories in a region.

Our Top Dog Area Developer Franchisee Partners invest $100-$200,000 as multi-unit operators who manage multi-grooming vehicles in several territories.

Our Top Dog Unit Mobile Franchisee Partners invest $50-$110,000 as single grooming vehicle operators (who may or may not be groomers) able to grow their business into multi-grooming vehicles and territories over time.

Our Top Dog In-Home Franchisee Partners invest from $32-$59,000 as home-based businesses that operate without a van and use our proprietary portal grooming business model.

Our Philosophy

Pets are an invaluable part of our culture. They not only provide friendship and security, they are part of the family as well. Naturally, we want every pet owner to feel confident that his or her pet receives the best and safest grooming services available – bar none.

Why   Zoomin Groomin®?

At Zoomin Groomin ®we help you every step of the way to start and grow your business. We offer:

  • State of the Art Advertising & Marketing Programs
  • Award Winning Training Programs
  • World Class Franchise Support
  • Third Party Financing
  • Product purchasing discounts
  • Multiple revenue sources
  • Private Label Product Line
  • Public Relations Support
  • Powerful SEO and SEM Programs
  • Community Service Programs
  • Centralized appointment, call center and financial accounting services
  • Growing Brand Recognition
  • And much more…



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