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Franchise Ownership – Your Pot of Gold at the End of Your Dead-End Job

If the only thing you're green with this St. Patrick’s Day is envy for those around you who seem to be taking advantage of the uptick in the economy, this may just be your lucky year. Did you resolve to get out of a dead-end job and go to work for yourself in 2017?  It's nearly the end of the first quarter, but it is not too late to make a change this year.

Staffing: A Great Business Opportunity


Choosing a growing industry is one of the first steps in selecting a successful franchise. The decision often lies between selecting an emerging trend or an industry with a history of success. Consider the staffing industry— it’s a $142 billion industry that is more than 120 years old in North America and is in a robust growth pattern. Staffing companies have added more jobs to the market in the past three years than nearly any other industry in North America.

Black, Female, and Crushing It: Three Successful Business Owners Discuss Their Journeys to the Top


February is Black History Month, and as we remember those who helped make history in the past, we should also to take some time to applaud those who are making history right now. Historically, black women have had it harder than most when it comes to gaining equality in the working world, and there are still many challenges to overcome, even in 2017. Everyone can make a difference, and these three women are doing just that.

Memorable Moments: 5 Quotes From IFA's 2017 Convention.


A sigh of relief and a cheer of excitement has washed over the IFA as we celebrate the conclusion of what has been lauded as one our most successful conventions to-date. Last week, in Las Vegas’s Mandalay Bay Convention Center, nearly 4,000 people gathered to attend IFA’s one-of-a-kind event. The energy was palpable, the information overflowing, and the people humming with excitement.