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Venturing Into Business Ownership with an Express Franchise

The entrepreneurial spirit isn’t something embodied by every man and woman. It’s only for the bold. And owning a business isn’t just about development of wealth and personal gain, it’s about the construction of a legacy that bears your name. This is what Marcus Gray and wife Dee used as a foothold when reaching for their next professional goal–business ownership.

Franchise Ownership – Your Pot of Gold at the End of Your Dead-End Job

If the only thing you're green with this St. Patrick’s Day is envy for those around you who seem to be taking advantage of the uptick in the economy, this may just be your lucky year. Did you resolve to get out of a dead-end job and go to work for yourself in 2017?  It's nearly the end of the first quarter, but it is not too late to make a change this year.