Merlin 200,000 Mile Shops Business Ownership Opportunity


Since 1975, Merlin has been dedicated to helping our customers and their vehicles go farther than ever before.  The chain has been positioned as leaders in the vehicle longevity arena, thereby ensuring that our business has as much to do about helping people enjoy the full life of their vehicle as it does repairing their vehicles.   The Merlin 200,000 Miles shop name is a loud testimonial to the 200,000 Mile Proposition which is the foundation for our associated programs and ensures a sustainable, stable, and secure business for Franchise Owners.


The Merlin concept focuses on long term customer relationships instead of maximizing one time sales transactions.  When customers are treated fairly and advised wisely, they will return again and again for service

Merlin’s warranties and programs are wrapped around the 200,000 mile concept to inform customers that Merlin Shops are ready to service their vehicle for the long haul.   THE DRIVE FOR 200,000, Merlin’s proprietary maintenance program, is an easy and affordable plan that not only covers vehicles through the manufacturer’s warranty period but to 200,000 miles and beyond.

Merlin’s one stop automotive service approach when combined with the 200,000 Mile Proposition affords Franchise Owners a significant edge over competing automotive service chains.


Merlin has developed numerous comprehensive support tools that guide you through the many important aspects of your business operation.  Multi-volume Merlin Operations Manuals, A Shop PLAYBOOK, Marketing Manual , and regular visits by Merlin Field Representatives will assist and counsel you on system essentials such as sales techniques,  product procurement and installation, personnel policies and procedures, as well as marketing and communication.  Merlin also utilizes a third party inspection service to examine and evaluate customer service, facility appearance, and operation system implementation which ensures a greater consistency across the chain and delivering an overall better customer experience.

Business Established: 1975
Franchising Since: 1975
Franchised Units: 40
Company Owned Units: 3
Start-up Cost: $50,000 to $60,000
Total Investment: $251,000 to $408,000
Veteran Hired Since 2011: N/A
Veteran Owned Units: N/A
Related Categories
Automotive Products and Services
Retail Stores: Specialty

Vetfran Incentives

We offer a $10,000 discount off franchise fee to honorably discharged U.S. Veterans.