Legal Materials


Legal Symposium 2012  


LS 2012: Getting Ahead of the Curve: Controlling the Risk of Social Media   

LS 2012: The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: What Every International Franchisor Must Know   

LS 2012: Out With the Old and In With the New: Making Major Changes in Your System Within the Bounds of Your Franchise Agreement  

 LS 2012: De-Franchise My License Please: Converting Franchisees to Licenses and Vice- Versa   

LS 2012:Regrets: If Dreams Came True - Provisions You Wish You Had (or Didn't Have) in Your Franchise Agreement  

LS 2012: Negotiating with Private Equity Owned Franchisees   

LS 2012: Expansion into Airports, Universities, Military Bases and Beyond: Framing and Negotiating the REAL Legal Issues in Non-Traditional Development Deals   

LS 2012: Ethical Issues Facing an In-house Franchise Counsel: The Dual Role of the In-house Counsel   

LS 2012: Advanced Best Practices for International Regulatory Compliance  

LS 2012: Franchise Default and Termination - Best Practices to Enforce the Contract and Protect the System   

LS 2012: State Tax Update and Strategies for Dealing with the Changing State Tax Landscape  

LS 2012: Chemistry and Alchemy: Finding the Right Credit Partner and Creating Your Own Financing   

LS 2012: Keys to Successful Mediation: Tactics and Strategies  

LS 2012: I Said What? The Enforceability of Disclaimers, Waivers, and Acknowledgements in Franchise Agreements Since the 2007 FTC Franchise Disclosure Rule   

LS 2012: Basics Track - Disclosure: What You Need to Know 

LS 2012: Basics Track -Registration: Understanding the State Franchise Regulation Framework  

LS 2012: Basics Track - Best Practices in Franchise Administration  

LS 2012: Basics Track - Item 19: Weighing the Risks and Benefits of Financial Performance Representations   

LS 2012: Basics Track - World Conquest: The Do's and Don'ts of International Franchise Expansion   


Convention 2012  

 Conv 2012: The Top Ten Changes Every Franchisor Should Make to Its Franchise Agreement  



Convention 2011 

Conv 2011: Franchise Agreement Top Ten "Must Have" Provisions for a Rapidly Changing World 

Conv 2011: FRAN-GUARD: Building a Culture of Compliance 




Convention 2010 

Conv 2010 : Ifs Franchise Sales Management & Compliance Program 

Conv 2010 : Protecting the Brand: Conducting Brand Compliance Audits 


Convention 2009 

Conv 2009 : Electronic Disclosure System 

Conv 2009 : Is Your Compliance Program Current? 

Conv 2009 : Sales Compliance Summit 


Convention 2008 



Conv 2008 : Litigation and How to Manage Legal Costs 

Conv 2008 : Strategic Thinking in Your Franchise Agreements 

Conv 2008 : FTC/Sales Compliance Summit 


Convention 2007 


Conv 2007 : Best Practices for Handling Default & Termination (for Established Franchisors) 

Conv 2007 : E-Disclosure Unplugged: Finally Unleashed By the New FTC Franchise Rule 

Conv 2007 : Legal Update From Around the World 

Conv 2007 : The Newly Amended FTC Franchise Rule 

Conv 2007 : When it Doesn’t Work; Creating an amicable plan with a failing franchisee 



Convention 2006 




Conv 2006 : FTC Franchise Rule & Sales Compliance Summit Part II – Proposed Changes to the FTC Franchise Rule 

Conv 2006 : GE Commercial Finance, Franchise Finance 

Conv 2006 : Protected Territories as a Development Tool 


Convention 2005 


Conv 2005 : Federal Trade Commission Staff Report, Disclosure Requirements and Prohibitions Concerning Franchising August 2004 

Conv 2005 : Franchise Sales and Disclosure Law Compliance Issues 



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