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2017 Annual Convention

Are Struggling Franchisees Jeopardizing Your Franchise System? What You Can Do to Help Them!

Best Practices for Starting or Reinventing a Franchisee Advisory Council

Franchise Relations Summit

Your Business is My Business: The Case for Effective Standards Enforcement



Convention 2014

Franchise Relations Summit Part 1 Franchise Relations Summit Part 2 An FRC Best Practices Program: Crisis Management - Are You Ready? Failure to Launch Building the Brand Together Coaching Franchisees to Better Performance by Understanding Their Style Supplier Forum Best Practices Seminar: How Much Franchisee Support is the Right Amount? On-Boarding New Franchisees



 Convention 2013 

The Top 10 Mistakes Every New Franchisor Should Avoid (and How to Avoid Them)  

Real Life Stories from Franchise Founders   

Be Prepared – Retirement and Succession Planning  

Franchise Relations in Action – Effective Franchisee Advisory Councils   

So You Want to be a Franchisor?  The Top 10 Things Needed for Survival and Success   

Building a Culture of Accountability:  Four Distinct Ways to Improve Organizational Performance   



Convention 2012  

Conv 2012: Coaching Your Franchisee to Success: Building a Happy and Successful Franchise Culture  

Conv 2012: Supporting Struggling Franchisees in Tough Economic Times   

Conv 2012:  Best Practices in Administering the National Advertising Fund  

Conv 2012:  Coaching Franchisees to Win the Profit Game: Proven Strategies to Drive Franchisees Performance  

Conv 2012:  Providing Meaningful Support to Franchisees: Creating a Support Team from the Corporate Office to the Field  


Convention 2011  

Conv 2011: Distressing Transfers in Troubled Times: Thorny Issues in Transferring Troubled Franchisees 

Conv 2011: Franchisee Engagement: Dissecting the Key Performance Drivers in Your System 

Conv 2011: Developing High Performance and Fun Franchise Groups 

Conv 2011: Helping Franchisees Drive Profitability 

Conv 2011: Multi-Unit/Area Developer Models for Franchise Growth 

Conv 2011: Super Charge Your Franchise Advisory Council 

Conv 2011: Transformational Communication: How to Have Effective Conversations with Your Franchisees 

Conv 2011: How Franchisees and Franchisors Can Work Together on Small Business Issues 


Convention 2010 

Conv 2010 : The 19th Annual Elements of Successful Franchising: Working Through Difficult Economic Times 

Conv 2010 : Confronting the New Normal: Leadership Strategies for a Recovering Economy 

Conv 2010 : Communicating for Success - Fostering Positive Zor/Zee Relationships 

Conv 2010 : Leveraging Social Media for Franchise Sales A Supplier Best Practices Seminar 

Conv 2010 : Effective Use of Social Media Networking/Media at your Meeting 

Conv 2010 : Best Practices: How Franchisors Can Help Franchisees Navigate the Changing Business Climate 

Conv 2010 : Driving Results with Franchisee Training 

Conv 2010 : Live R.I.C.H. (Respect, Integrity, Customer Focus and Having Fun) 


Convention 2009 

Conv 2009 : Developing and Establishing Your Franchise Advisory Council 

Conv 2009 : Elements of Successful Franchising 

Conv 2009 : Franchisee Buy In for Marketing Programs 

Conv 2009 : Franchisee Satisfaction 


Convention 2008 

Conv 2008 : What is the Diversity Institute? 

Conv 2008 : Do As I Say, Not As I Did 

Conv 2008 : Creating Purchasing Programs to Maximize Savings to Your Franchisees 

Conv 2008 : Growing a Vintage Brand 

Conv 2008 : Using a Predictive Model to Grow Your Franchise System 

Conv 2008 : Keynote Address- Gerry Fernandez 

Conv 2008 : Elements of Successful Franchising 

Conv 2008 : Benchmarking Performance 

Conv 2008 : How to Develop a Strong Discovery Day 


Convention 2007 

Conv 2007 : 'A Remedy for Growing Pains: How to Leverage Technology to Grow More Cohesive, Profitable Franchisees 

Conv 2007 : Advisory Boards Boards to build trust between the stakeholders 

Conv 2007 : Best Practices in Building Your Brand 

Conv 2007 : Creating a Culture of Inclusion: Diversity “How To’s” 

Conv 2007 : Customers Rule! Can You Manage the Relationship? (For Large & Mature Franchisors) 

Conv 2007 : Diversity Ownership Initiative (DOI) 

Conv 2007 : Franchisee Satisfaction: Growing a Happy and Healthy Franchise System 

Conv 2007 : Getting the most from your Annual Convention 

Conv 2007 : Leadership Development & Coaching For The Established Franchisor 

Conv 2007 : from Start to Finish Growing a Happy and Healthy Franchise System 

Conv 2007 : Lesson Learned – a Discussion with Successful Franchisors 

Conv 2007 : Next Steps For Emerging Franchisors 

Conv 2007 : Solving The Challenges With Underperforming Masters and Area Developers 

Conv 2007 : Supporting a growing system; The Evolution of Field Support as Your Franchise System Grows 

Conv 2007 : U.S. Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency 


Convention 2006 

Conv 2006 : Developing Effective Leadership in Your System 

Conv 2006 : Diversity, Where do I start? 

Conv 2006 : Elements of Building a Successful Franchise Network 

Conv 2006 : Franchisee Satisfaction, Creating, Measuring and Maintaining It! 

Conv 2006 : Growing Business Through Strategic Relationships, Michele Shoda, CEO, Solid Source Realty 

Conv 2006 : Multi-Unit Franchise, Fundamentals - 101 

Conv 2006 : ServiceMaster Clean National and Regional Franchise Council Structure 

Conv 2006 : The Emotional Connection, Your Fuel for Franchise Growth 

Conv 2006 : The Unique Needs of the Larger Established Franchise System 


Convention 2005 

Conv 2005 : Field Support at Sylvan, It’s All About RESULTS! 

Conv 2005 : Franchise Innovations, New Approaches to Old Strategies 

Conv 2005 : Franchisee Peer Group, Marketing & Training 

Conv 2005 : Key Steps in Reaching The Next Plateau 

Conv 2005 : Rapid Expansion ? Avoiding The Cliffs as You Manage Growth 

Conv 2005 : Restoring Health to Troubled Franchisees 

Conv 2005 : Rock Solid Franchise Relations 

Conv 2005 : Tightening Your Focus on Multi-Unit Franchisees 







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